No cashmere without care instructions. We all have our own cashmere washing methods and we gladly share ours so that you can enjoy your garment for a lifetime!


Wash at max. 30°degrees and yes, you can use your washing machine! Choose a wool programme, don’t forget to put your cashmere garment in a laundry washing bag, be gentle with the spinning and be abundant with water to rinse; your washing machine will then do an excellent job. Of course you can also wash your precious cashmere stole or cardigan by hand.

Limit the detergent you use. Use powder and stay away from liquid detergent. If you insist on using a scale, 10g detergent for every kg of laundry will do the job. Never use softener!

Dry your cardigan or stole flat, on a drying rack and preferably in the shade or inside.

Steam your cardigan or stole if you think it’s too wrinkled. Keep the iron ca. 10 cm above the cardigan or stole and steam it. 


The cashmere fiber is fond of water, it keeps the cardigans and stoles soft and flexible and it keeps away the moths. Don’t hesitate to wash your cashmere garments regularly.

Moths love your cashmere, wash your cashmere before you store it. Your grandma will tell you to put pieces of cederwood, small bags of lavender and rosemary between your cashmere garments or mothballs in the cupboard. We agree with her (but also the moth).

If you’re not wearing your cashmere for a couple of months (we can’t imagine you would do that, but just in case), we would recommend to store your freshly washed cashmere in an airtight bag or box.

If the moths damaged your cashmere garment and laid their little eggs in your garments, don’t throw away your cashmere but wrap it in tissue paper and put it in the freezer for at least 3 days. It kills the moths and the eggs. Yes there will be some damage but nothing that yarn and a needle can’t restore.

Pilling annoyance – or those little balls. Places where the knitwear is rubbed will produce pilling, it’s normal but it shouldn’t be excessive. There are many causes, the length of the fibre, the method of spinning, the chosen knitting stitch, … A good remedy? Except for cutting them, we can’t recommend anything but with the high quality yarn used by Madame Seguin, the pilling is reduced to a minimum.

If unfortunately moths attacked your precious cashmere cardigan or your shawl is caught and there is a small tear… you can always have the garment repaired. You can do it yourself or contact a local wool repair workshop.
For Belgium, I can highly recommend Wolidee; Ilse is not only extremely friendly but also a very accomplished knitter (in a former life, we were colleagues). She has the original cashmere yarn of your Madame Seguin piece to repair any holes or ladders