Terms of Service


These terms and conditions form an integral part of the contract, between Yamaa bvba and the Client. They can only be deviated from after it has been expressly approved by us, in writing.

These standard conditions of sale only apply between companies for business transactions that result in the delivery of goods of the provision or services within the framework of an autonomous, professional or economic activity.

  1. The goods or services are supplied as set forth on the invoice or on the order form.
  2. Yamaa bvba will make an effort to supply  the goods within the term as as specified on  the order form. utmost The goods or services are supplied within the term as specified on the order form. The term of delivery is indicative and does not result in any obligation. Further allowance should be made for the usual tolerance in delivery dates characteristic of that branch of trade or industry.
  3. The delivery takes place on the seller’s premises, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  4. The deliveries are payable no later than  14 days after the date of invoice.
    Account: Yamaa bvba, Vlamingstraat 14, 9980 Sint-Laureins, Belgium
    IBAN BE85 3631 6230 6706
    All bank charges must be paid by the Client.
  5. Complaints about the thus delivered goods or provided services cannot be entertained if they do not reach Yamaa bvba, in writing, within seven days after the delivery. Latent ‘hidden’ defects should be reported within a short time after they are discovered. The guarantee is limited to the replacement of the goods with a defect, this does not  constitute any other obligation.
  6. Because of the fashionable character of the products of Yamaa bvba, Yamaa bvba has the right to refuse the cancellation of an order or to ask for compensation up to 20% of the value of the goods (of the cancelled order.
  7. The goods supplied remain property of Yamaa bvba until the price (principal, costs and interest) has been paid in full. The risks pass to the client after delivery. The client must keep the goods in good condition. If the invoice is still unpaid on the 10th day after a dunning letter has been sent by registered mail, then the contract can be set aside ipso jure and via a simple declaration, sent by registered mail. All this without prejudicing the right to claim damages from the defaulting client.
  8. If the invoice is still unpaid on the due date then interest is charged ipso jure and without notice of default. This late payment interest is calculated on the basis of the reference rate of the European Central Bank. On top of this, without notice of default, the unpaid invoice amount is increased by 10%, with a minimum of EUR 25, by way of an indemnity provision for extrajudicial collection charges and contractual damage, without prejudicing our right to other relevant collection charges.
  9. All invoices are to be paid at the registered office of Yamaa bvba.
  10. All our contracts shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Belgian law. The courts of Ghent (Belgium) are solely having jurisdiction to solve any conflict or dispute between Yamaa bvba and the client.
  11. In case of conflict between the standard conditions of sale for business transactions with  Yamaa bvba and the client, the standard conditions of Yamaa bvba will prevail.